About Us

The Ryde Radio is locally-owned and operated by a group of guys that wanted to hear more than talk radio with a bit of music sprinkled in that, in most cases, were tracks that were never hits. Our main music genre is alternative rock from the 90’s to new releases, but we also add some flavor to the mix. Every hour we play a Reggae track and a throwback track from the 60s, 70’s & 80’s. After 10 pm we turn it up a bit and play alternative tracks that have a higher pulse. On Saturdays, we play an entire hour of all the top Reggae tracks at high noon. Our commercial air time rates are the most competitive in town which includes free production for all commercials. We have the ability to change an advertiser’s message whenever they would like and have it live within 48 hours from receiving the scripting. What we do better than all other channels on the shore is to limit the amount of commercials we play each hour so that our listeners can hear what they tuned in for…. MUSIC! That’s how our slogan came about…. “Stop Channel Surfing and Enjoy The Ryde”